Activities for Working Mom and Children

Activities for Working Mom and Children

As a parent, we always crave to spend quality time with our kids. But due to the busy schedule, it becomes difficult for parents to spend time with them. Especially for a working mom, they have to manage things between office and children.

Kids learn from what they see.

Kids spend more time with mothers as compared to fathers.

Dads are busy making money so that they give a better life to their families. Due to this, they are unable to devote time to their kids.
No one is perfect in this world but mothers are near to perfect.

The way they manage their work, in and outside the home, is commendable. While performing their duties, moms, at times, are unable to devote quality time to kids.

As working moms, no matter what happens, we love spending time with our children. Spending time with kids not only lightens our mood but also helps kids get closer to their moms.

Sometimes mothers cannot manage household work and spending time with kids together. Activities help children develop essential skills and build intense creativity. In this case, moms can create a few activities that working moms children can enjoy together.

Below are a few suggestions of activities that working moms and kids can also enjoy:

Reading Fun:

A good book can take you to outer space or to another time in history. Pick a book to read together today and then let your kids become a part of that book. Make reading fun for kids to encourage a life-long love of the written word. Experience of bonding over words together is an experience for a lifetime.

Cooking together:

You prepare three meals plus snacks by yourself every day. Put on those aprons and get into the kitchen together. Cooking with your kids is actually a learning experience disguised as fun. They can use those reading skills to follow recipes and use math to measure our ingredients.

Treasure hunt:

Kids love finding hidden objects, especially when there’s a prize at the end. You can write clues on some slips of paper and ask the children to find it. It helps to challenge the mental ability of kids.

Setting Shoe Stand:

This one is pretty simple. This can help kids understand the importance of being organized in their lives. You can make them place their shoes on the shoe rack. It will not only save your time but will also keep the kids busy.

Folding Laundry Together:

Involve kids to fold clothes like socks, handkerchiefs, undergarments and other little clothing. They will feel involved and will develop the habit of folding clothes.

Painting with kids:

Drawing with kids will not only help the kids enjoy the activity but can make you visit your childhood time. Drawing and coloring with kids are also fun. It can be a little messy, but it will definitely be fun.

Shopping and trips:

In case your partner is busy in the office or is lazy to go shopping with you. You can think of taking your kids with you to shopping. Not only will kids enjoy it, but it will so much fun. It will not only help you to do your work but will also make children enjoy the trip for shopping.

Above are the few suggestions of activities for working m
oms and children. When you engage in activities with your kids, it will help them learn things faster while enjoying it more.

As moms, it is quite challenging to manage the time, but it is definitely worth the time.

The best way to make kid-pleasant is to make them happy.

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