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Vegetable Puree for Children

Vegetable Puree is a homemade, quick, healthy and wholesome for children. It is great for kids between the age group of 6 months- 2 years. Vegetable purees are a great way to start vegetables in a baby’s diet. Moreover, it is simple to make at home rather than buying expensive …


Apple Rice Recipe

Most of us think that apples can only be used for only making desserts. However, here’s news! You can use apples in making this delicious apple rice dish which can be an amazing party and a scrumptious surprise for your guests. This dish is not only good for elders, even …

Dry fruit shake

Yummy Dry Fruit Shake

Most of us like dry fruits. However, there are some children who are not very fond of dry fruits. It is important to remember that dry fruits are a rich source of vitamins, fibers and energy. Like almonds which are very good eyesight, raisins are very good digestion and the …


Delicious and healthy Sprouted Roll

Children love variety in their food. Sprouted Roll is famous among the children of the age group from 5-10 years old. Kids of this age require lots of protein. Most parents try to make their children eat protein-rich food but only a few succeed. This dish is healthy and gives …