Relationship between Grandparents and children

Relationship between Grandparents and children

What is the most important asset anyone has? It’s not money or a big house. It is the blessings and values of our elders. It’s a myth that parenting is only about the relation between parents and children. There are many aspects of parenting. The relationship between grandparents and children is one of them. With the increasing nuclear families, kids usually miss out on the love and affection of grandparents.

A very famous writer told that “there is no difference between old age and children”. One is the last stage of life and the other one is the starting. Likely, this is the reason that affection, care, and bonding is essential between the two generations.

It’s a give and take relation with the growing age of grandparents the only thing they need is love and someone who can understand them. Kids are no different. They also need love, affection, and someone who can pay attention to their childish mind.

Here’s why the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is very important:

Sense of security- 

Being responsible is crucial. Yet, the ability to provide security is also necessary. Anyone after parents who can be trusted by kids are their grandparents. Some times parents fail to give time to kids then grandparents are someone kids can look up to. They are the extra ears that kids always have. 


There are many things that need experience. Grandparents are an asset to kids. Their knowledge and experience are valuable. Often children might not listen to their parents but the way grandparents tackle the situations is excellent. Also, grandparents are the link to the child and their family history. They share their former memories and help children learn and understand from them.

Grandparents never judge- 

Most of us generally don’t open up in front of people because we have a fear of being judged. Kids are also like that. Even though kids are innocent and don’t think before speaking only when they feel loved. Grandparents are the best people where kids can speak their hearts out as they have trust that they will never judge them. This feeling is important as it will ultimately build up trust. Also, the children at their young age can always have a sense of safety and security.

Less Stress for parents- 

With the rise in the number of working parents stress in houses is also raising. Due to this stress kids feel neglected and show behavioral changes. They become stubborn, irritable, and lazy. Grandparents can be a stress breaker. With parents away for work, grandparents are the family from where kids get the love and care.

Best childcare Option- 

The most comforting feeling parents have when they are busy in their work is that they know that someone is there to take care of their kids. One of the reasons for the increasing number of child care is working parents. Childcare miss out giving undivided time and attention to each kid. With grandparents always being around kids feel more loved and parents have the satisfaction that their kid is in safe hands.

Grandparents play a vital role in the lives of kids. They are a zone of security, affection, and attention. Many of them have tons of patience and ample time to play games and go places.

The relationship between grandparents and children is a very special one. While grandparents act as authority figures and provide unconditional love at the same time they also get to spoil their grandkids in a way parents simply can’t.

But beyond that, grandparents also wield incredible influence. Also, the best memories a child has is with their grandparents.

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