Role of Siblings in healthy parenting

Cheerful family at home sitting on the sofa listening their kids. An Example of Role of Siblings in healthy parenting
An Example of Role of Siblings in healthy parenting

Siblings are childhood playmates sent by God to make our lives worth remembering. They are not only playmates but our biggest supporters and most significant motivator. Be it two, three, or more siblings, the bond between them is undefinable. They are the ones with whom you share the best childhood memories, sorrows, and parent’s scolding. Siblings play a major in your upbringing. Let’s find out the Role of Siblings in healthy parenting.

Building Blocks of Life

Siblings are childhood buddies, friends which kids get by birth. Due to closeness in age, kids tend to speak to their siblings about things that they might not share with their parents. It might include topics like friendships, relationships, school, etc. Sometimes kids feel that it is easier to share things with their siblings rather than with parents. The fear of being judged is not present when kids share their fears, doubts, and happiness with their siblings.

How are siblings the Support System and their role in healthy parenting?

They are each other’s support systems. Their confidence and trust in each other motivate them to face any challenge in this world. Healthy sibling bonds promote empathy, prosocial behavior, and academic achievement.

However, the birth order of children plays an essential role. For example, children who have an elder sister are more emphatic than single children or children without elder sisters. They are more attached to their family. They also have a better understanding of sharing their parent’s time, clothes, and food amongst each other.

On the other hand, kids with an elder brother have a reliable support system. They have confidence that there is someone to have their back in every situation. As a result, they are more fearless and are willing to take up any hurdle. 

There are some odd cases where siblings end up being each other’s rivals. They fill themselves with jealousy, hatred, and ill-feeling towards each other. A well-known statement we often hear siblings telling each other is ” Mom loves me more” Or ” We got you from the hospital.”

As parents, we often ignore these talks and feel that they are teasing each other. Nonetheless, we need to be alert and keep a regular check on all the possible alarming situations. 

In other words, be alert and keep an eye on their activities. Let them enjoy themselves and make memories. However, parents should always watch out for red signals. If any of them comes up with an issue with their siblings, make sure to acknowledge and clarify their concerns. Make sure you notice your kid’s queries whenever they approach you.  

The power of sibling relationships can be life-changing in a positive way, and a little bit of support can go a long way in ensuring that these relationships stay healthy in the long run.

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