Understanding of good touch and bad touch

Understanding of good touch and bad touch

As parents, we have an understanding of good touch and bad touch. But it is equally essential that we teach the same difference to our kids from an early age. Let’s face it, in today’s time, child abuse and molestation are much more common. So, we must help our kids to protect themselves with adequate knowledge and ability.
The identification and knowledge of good touch and bad touch must be started from an early age. Parents must catch the right opportunity to have a conversation with kids regarding the same. Kids are fragile and have sensitive brains, so parents need to be careful.

Here are a few tips on how you can educate your child to develop an understanding of good touch and bad touch:

  • Communicate with your child- Parents must have an open conversation with their kids. It’s necessary to make the kids understand that their body is their property. Only they have the right to it. Kids should know that it’s okay to deny a kiss, handshake, or hug to anyone they are not comfortable with. Also, girls from an early age, they have expected to be obedient. So it is essential that as parents as their friends, we tell them that it’s completely okay to say “NO” when you feel like it.
Mother talking about about Understanding of good touch and a bad touch
Mother talking about good and bad touch
  • Always be there for the kid- If your child walks up to you, make sure that you listen to them. Sometimes children find it hard to communicate their feelings, particularly in matters like this. Make sure that they feel comfortable in expressing their feelings.

  • Observe their behavior- Keep a tab on the child’s behavior. Sometimes, children face abuse or molestation. Due to this, they go quiet and show a change in their behavior. In case you observe any difference with the kid, be quick enough to have a friendly conversation. It will help them to open up to you and discuss what’s bothering them.

  • Explain the things with examples- Children are visual learners. Books, stories, or pictures. Even clothes like bikinis and undergarments are easy ideas to help the kids understand which body parts are private and need to be protected. Also, talk about undergarments and even bikini lets the kids know that they are important and why everyone wears them. There is nothing wrong with having this conversation with kids.

  • Never trust anyone blindly with your kids- Parents often overlook their kids around family or friends. However, this should not be the case. They are your kids and don’t make the mistake of trusting anyone blindly. Yes, we know it is hard, and most of you will say that they are your family and will never do this to you. But, let’s face it, we don’t know anyone’s intention with our kids. Rather than regretting something, it’s better to take precautions.
Father enjoying with his kid
Father enjoying with his kid

We know that it’s tough to have this discussion with your child. However, with growing time, parents are opting for a few books which helps them to have this discussion with their child.

Personally, there are a few books that will help your kids to have an understanding of good touch and bad touch. A few of these books are:

There are many other books available on Amazon, Kindle, and other portals. There are many options and ways to talk to your kids about this sensitive topic. All you need is to calm and clear when discussing with them.

Don’t scare the kids as if it’s a big deal. While talking ensure them that you will always have their back no matter what. So that it will help them to have a proper understanding of good touch and bad touch. Also, do check our other articles on parenting.

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