Ways to Handle Stubborn Kids

Ways to Handle Stubborn Kids

Being stubborn is a characteristic that kids show as they start growing up. As parents, we are still trying hard to find out whether being stubborn is a blessing or a curse. Children start showing their characteristics at a very tender age. It all depends on parents, how they handle the child. Handling a stubborn child is a daunting task and requires lots of effort from parents. The main motive of writing this article is to ease the work of parents. We have outlined certain ways to handle a stubborn kid. Out of all the phases, the toddler and the teenage phase are the hardest to handle.

The first step to deal with stubbornness is to consider it as a part of their characteristics. Out of all the features probably this is the only feature that has both positive and negative sides. It all depends on the way we handle it. 

Parents often mix determination with stubbornness. However, there is a fine line between the two. Determination is the firmness to do things and the latter is defined as a rigid mindset that cannot be changed under any circumstances. 

Stubbornness can be a genetic trait as well as can be adapted from observing other’s behavior. It’s all in the parent’s hand to shape this feature positively or negatively.

Just because the child is affirmed regarding a certain task, it doesn’t make them stubborn. Parents must understand there is a fine line between the two.

We have listed out a few characteristics to determine whether the child is determined or stubborn:

  • Stubborn kids are highly intelligent and creative.
  • Children tend to question everything which can be considered as rebellion.
  • They need constant attention. Kids want to be heard and expect to be acknowledged.
  • Being independent is another characteristic.
  • Completing the task is very important. 
  • They have frequent temper tantrums.
  • Being bossy is another trait.
  • Do not hesitate to pursue something they have set their heart on irrespective of how dangerous it is or what can be the outcome.

To handle a stubborn kid is not difficult if there is positive and good communication between parents and kids. It requires a little bit of extra effort; parents can turn the tables and children can use their stubbornness in their favor. 

Being stubborn can start at any age group and can continue until adulthood. It depends on parents that how they transform this trait in the child’s favor.

Children and their Stubborn Nature

Here are some ways to handle stubborn kids:

  • Don’t Argue- Stubborn children are always open to arguments. The best parents can be is to avoid them as much as they can. Instead of arguing, listen to your children, have discussions and then come to conclusions. 
  • It’s all about Connection- Children love when their parents listen to them. They want to be understood. Communication is the key. Don’t force kids to do something which they don’t want to do. Sit with your child, talk to them, have discussions and then come to a conclusion. 
  • Suggest Choices- One of the very important thing is that stubborn kids don’t want instructions. They don’t like it when anyone guides them to do the things. They are their own boss. Instead of getting into an argument, suggest the kid with choices available for them. Lay down choices to them and let them decide what they want to it. 
  • Step into the Child’s Shoes- Coming to conclusions is very easy. As parents, we often decide based on what we feel is right. This often ignites the stubbornness of the kid. Parents should listen to the viewpoint of kids and think from their perspective. Doing this we as parents will have a clear picture of all the things. 
  • Work on their Negotiating Skills- When things don’t go according to a child’s wish there are chances that the outcome can be upsetting. It’s easy for a child to cope up with failure if they can see the other side as well. Help them understand that every situation has two options. If one fails then we can work on the other one. 

Being Stubborn is not a bad thing but it a fire that can either light the house or can turn it into ashes. It depends on the way we handle it. By tackling the stubbornness either we help the kids shape their future or destroy it. 

Having a stubborn child is not a bad thing. It’s been seen that children who have these characteristics often turn out to be achievers in academics as well as in their professional life. They are less susceptible to give in to peer pressure which helps them steer clear of wrong things that their friends might be into.

Patience and communication along with these tips can help in making an effort to understand your child and turn them into a responsible adult. Handling a stubborn kid is an important part of parenting.

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